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To acccess Farsi Dictionary on your mobile device:
Go to

or Scan below using a QR Scanner App

The current version of Mobile is optimized for iPhone but if you use different type of mobile phone you can try the web address above and let us know if there is any issue by sending an email to:

iPhone Users
1.Enter the above address on your phone browser

2.After the page is loaded open Sharing and select "Add to Home Screen"

3.Farsi Dictionary icon will appear on iPhone's Home screen which can be used to launch the site like an applicaiton

4.In order to type in Farsi in "Farsi to English" mode you can use the built-in iPhone's Arabic keyboard

How to install Arabic keyboard on iPhone:
  • Open “Settings”, then “General” and then “Keyboard”
  • Select “Keyboards” and then "Add New Keyboard..."
  • Select “Arabic” from the list of keyboards

Android Users
How to install Persian keyboard on your Android device:
  • Open Settings screen
  • Select Language & Input
  • Select Google Keyboard
  • Select Languages
  • Turn off "Use system language" on the top to activate language selection
  • In list of languages on same screen find and turn of "Persian"
  • Now when you type you can switch between languages by press and hold the Space bar key